chartered yacht cruise from the San Juan Islands to SE Alaska

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Cruise the San Juan Islands

Welcome to Harmony Charters, you are in the right place for taking a sea cruise in the San Juan Islands. Harmony Charters is the best place for skippered motor yacht cruises in the San Juan Islands with their romantic scenes and beautiful views. Cruises are available for a day or a week or more. We also offer longer cruises up the coast to all the famous, beautiful northwest passages in Canada and SE Alaska.

Our experienced crew offers excellent gormet food, knowledge on the best places to fish, and all the equipment to have great fun in the water. We offer vacation packages for couples, group outings, or family fun. The 'Countess" sleeps up to nine comfortably.

Map the northwest passage, take a honeymoon cruise to a romantic destination, have a memorable family vacation, and with Harmony Charters you will always have the time of your life. Charter the yacht "Countess" from Harmony Charters today. Call 360.468.3310